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"Timebooked is much easier to use than the old-fashioned paper-based system we previously had. As a manager I find it much easier to plan the working week as I can see at a glance on my screen which members of staff are off and for how long during that week and the ones coming up."

"Timebooked is useful as it allows us to book in important dates in the calendar which we might otherwise forget about. Also, we can book our holidays whilst sat in the travel agents because we know whether those days are free at a glance."

"Timebooked makes every aspect of managing Staff leave easier for me! I love how people can access it out of work from their phones to see if anyone else is off when they might be looking at holidays and I love being able to approve leave from my phone if out and about."

"We like to be flexible with overtime and time off in lieu for part time workers to swap their days, Timebooked makes this so much easier than it used to be for me!"

How does it work?

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